Psychological Consultation

Psychological support
The psychological support of the patients is an integral part of the rehabilitation of the patients, as the bodily and psychic health is tightly interconnected. The sense of loss of movements, freedom and independence signals a period of crisis during which the patient has to be supported and taken care of.
To begin with, the psychologist evaluates the current psychic state (known functions, feelings, behavior) as it will influence the personalized therapeutic program. In addition, he psychologically supports not only the patients but their relatives as well, as they will have to cope with this new reality. The boosting of the awareness of the patient is of vital importance as well as the facilitation of the acceptance process. Moreover, the constant information of the family of the patient is necessary so that they are emotionally calm.
The information and advising of the patient on subjects that have undergone change such as smoking, alcohol, eating habits and sexual behavior, is also important. To conclude, we believe that the cooperation of the different specialties of our interdisciplinary team for the useful and more effective communication with the patient and his family is of vital importance. To achieve this, we arrange meetings for the preparation and implementation of the therapeutic program based on the personalized needs of the patient.