Prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers

The knowledge and statistics on the subject of decubitus ulcers and their impact on the course of recovery of patients require the analogous serious and consistent management from  Armonia. From the medical and nursing staff to the selection of appropriate materials, methods and formulations, Armonia seeks continuous improvement of the already successful model of management of wounds and ulcers, and has already recorded more than 400 cases of complete healing for serious decubitus ulcers.


In our center, from the very beginning of its function, we considered as extremely important issues


A. the prevention of pressure ulcers with frequent position changes every three hours throughout the 24 hours and the avoidance of the pressure of inflexible members of the patient on the bed with a range of motion exercises from our therapists. At the same time, the skin care of patients by our nurses (again to prevent), takes place with sophisticated and modern products that ensure health protection and hydration.


B. the treatment of patients that come in Armonia with decubitus ulcers and postoperative wounds. For these cases, after thorough examination, we chose the most modern, effective and without side effects management process for the wet management of ulcers and wounds. These products belong to the category of medical device IIb, produced under strict controls and certifications and have impressive results even in grade 4 pressure ulcers with great loss of tissue and skin or infected wounds.

They are adjuvants for the regeneration and reparation of skin in each case of external trauma: trauma with abrasions and bruises, even infected ones, diabetic foot ulcers, vascular ulcers, decubitus ulcers, burns, fissures, fistulae, abscesses, ingrown nails, etc.

The help in the healing of cuts and skin lesions of any size and origin. They exert a protective effect and bacterial control.

They maintain the moisture of the tissues to prevent the creation of necrotic eschar. No case has showed any allergic reactions or side effects due to the natural origin of the active ingredients.


Proven, with our system, we reduce the treatment time to 1/3 of that with the use of common treatments, so the benefit to the Centre and especially for the patient is multiple.