Physical Therapy


Movement equals life.

Physiotherapy equals movement. 


The science of Physiotherapy creates all the necessary conditions that will secure a better quality of life, not only for the patient but also for his family and relatives. The educated physiotherapist with his biomechanic, anatomical, neurophysiological and biological knowledge comforts the pain, strengthens and stretches the muscles and finally retrains in order to evaluate and reevaluate. All these take place in close cooperation with the physiatrist and the members of the rehabilitation team.


In the Rehabilitation Center «Armonia», in a fully controlled, secure and pleasant environment the patient will find all those conditions that will allow him to recover and then gradually reintegrate to the increased kinetic needs of the professional and personal everyday life. With the use of advanced technics and methods such as PNF, Bobath, Manual Therapy, Mulligan and Kinesiotaping the team of physiotherapists effectively deals with neurological and musculoskeletal incidents. Always with respect to the personal limits of the patient.