The Rehabilitation Center «Armonia» employs a team of educated therapists and trainers that use personalized therapeutic programs based on the needs and particularities of each patient.


With the help of the infrastructure (swimming pool with 2 levels), the special equipment (hydro massage, electric lift, whirlpool bath, special floaters) and the hydro therapeutic technics of the therapists we achieve the best possible result for the rehabilitation of the patient.


In the Rehabilitation Center we use therapeutic technics such as: Bad Ragaz Ring Method, Halliwick, Aqua Pilates Dynafloat. In combination with the beneficent qualities of water patients gradually become independent through the enhancement of their kinetic and cardiopulmonary functions, balance, range of movements and muscle relaxation.


Our aim is the full recovery of the patient through a complete and pleasant therapeutic program, so that he can return to his everyday habits.