Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a field which,with the help of special activities, aims to the development of the personal, social and professional independence of

people whose functionality has been limited because of injury, sickness or other causes.

In the Rehabilitation Center «Armonia», the role of Occupational therapy, always in cooperation with the other fields of our center and the constant supervision of the physiatrist, is to evaluate, prepare and apply a personalized therapeutic program in order to enhance the autonomy of the patient in his everyday life and achieve social reintegration.


After the referral of the patient by the attending physiatrist, the Occupational therapy sector fully evaluates his:

  • Kinetic capabilities (fine motor movements)
  • Knowledge capabilities (memory, attention, concentration, orientation in space and time, judgment, ability to solve problems etc.)
  • Sensory activities (optical, tactile, olfactory, hearing, knowledge of solid objects, body knowledge etc.)
  • Everyday life activities (personal hygiene, alimentation, dressing, undressing, transport, bathing, household chores etc.)


The total effort of Occupational therapy for the rehabilitation of patients is completed with a set of directional instructions on the arrangement and modification of the space for the patient’s facilitation and independence. The department has a specially modified and pleasant space equiped with a wide range of accessories and technical means in order to motivate the patient.