Department of Clinical Dietology and Nutrition

The Department of Clinical Dietology and Nutrition of the “ARMONIA” Rehabilitation Center ensures the optimum nutrition of the patients, as the right and specialized nutrition based on the patient’s disease, contributes to the rapid cure and recovery as well as to the preservation of good health after rehabilitation.
At first, we evaluate the patient’s nutrition, alimentation needs and body weight aim. Then, in close cooperation with the doctors and based on the nutritional preferences of the patient, the disease, the alimentation needs and the way of dosage, together with the Department of Speech Therapy we organize a personalized diet. This diet is reevaluated and shaped at the same time with the patient’s recovery.
Apart from the fact that this diet aims at the most rapid recovery and cure, our target is to adjust the weight and metabolism, to avoid hypothrepsia and enhance the nutritional condition something that will lead to better kinetic capability and general health. In addition, we offer the patient’s escorts information and nutritional advice, which have to be followed after the rehabilitation, not only for the period of recovery but also after that.
Furthermore, in the Department of Clinical Dietology and Nutrition and on specific days and times of the week, there is a dietician for ambulant patients (not hospitalized). During the visit, a clinical interview and a bodymetric check takes place. After these checks and based on the special nutritional needs and preferences, nutritional habits, body exercise level and patient’s aim, we shape a diet plan.