Welcome to the Rehabilitation Center Armonia

The Recovery and Rehabilitation Center “Armonia” was created by people with many years of experience in the field of health and is addressed to all those who, due to an accident or illness, need rehabilitation services for their post-hospital care.

It is located in Kato Scholari, in a quiet location of exceptional beauty with view of Thermaikos and Olympus, just a few kilometers outside Thessaloniki (29th Thessaloniki – Moudania Str.), with easy access from the main road.

Armonia serves as a center of closed hospitalization but also as a day care unit, supporting all insurance funds. It also has a specially formulated heavier incidence unit (M.A.F.) based on international standards and specifications.


Every condition requires its own appropriate therapy

Every condition requires its own appropriate therapy and the existence of an efficient medical and therapeutic team. In “Armonia”, we pride ourselves on the general and complete rehabilitation that we offer to our patients.



Due to extreme measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 visit is forbidden.